About PureColor

We are a team of chemists, artists, creatives, entrepreneurs, and innovators who build products that create value for our customers. As a result, our products are truly innovative and when you use them you will experience beautiful results. 

At PureColor, innovation begins with product design. Every aspect of product development -- packaging, delivery and application -- is carefully considered in relation to its end result to ensure that it contributes holistically to PureColor’s mission to add eco-friendly beauty while keeping with nature’s authenticity.

Our Mission is Reflected in Our Product Life Cycle

We design our packaging with economy of efficiency and ease of use in mind in our patented, 100% recyclable boxes. Inside these unique boxes, we have created our aesthetically appealing stains and finishes in 24 rich hues from nano pigments that deeply penetrate and transform surfaces to emphasize all wood grains and have an authentic natural appeal.

At PureColor, we gain a sense of accomplishment from bringing out the natural graining pattern of wood but we also feel great satisfaction when we create a natural wood-like appearance on textured composites such as HDF, fiberglass or siding; knowing we are contributing to the preservation of slow-growth forests by giving our customers wood alternatives that are safe and recyclable.

Clean Chemistry Adds Beauty Without Harmful Chemicals

PureColor is a growing company that designs innovative finishing systems and services for the coatings industry. PureColor uses patent pending Clean Chemistry™ to deliver a product and service platform with high performance and high value. PureColor Clean Chemistry translates into manufacturing efficiencies, green building products and services, and healthier living environments.

Clean Chemistry Ensures High Standards Are Met

Clean Chemistry is the technology platform that helps us create our consumer and industrial grade, odorless, non-toxic finishing products and services for all wood and wood composite products.

Thanks to Clean Chemistry, PureColor can ensure its products and finishing services fulfill the demand for sustainable and safe products, meet the expectations of those who care about their health, the health of their families, customers and employees, and that our products are also beautiful and continue to meet the higher standards of designers, architects and artists.

PureColor Inc. is headquartered in Albuquerque, NM and backed by private investors.