Rich Stained Wood Blocks

PureColor water-based stain is so rich and beautiful it rivals oil-based stain of the finest quality. In fact, you will have a hard time believing it's water-based until you realize our vapor-free stain has no odor and you can dilute it with water to get a lighter shade. You will love this rich stain in 24 hues, and the ability to mix our vibrant colors together for an unlimited color palette.

3 Generation Staining a wooden ship

PureColor products are safe for kids, pets and even moms-to-be. And our nontoxic stains are water-based and emit no vapors so there is no need to vent the room while you stain. Cold weather? Snow or rain? No worries. The whole family can pitch in to stain that old antique baby crib…even big brother and Fido.

Pouring Pure Color Stain

PureColor comes in a patented easy-to-handle, completely recyclable cardboard box. Our PureColor stain is in a plastic bag with a screw-top valve. The bag, cradled in the box, is easily removed from the box when you are ready to use it. Simply massage the bag to ensure consistency and pour the desired amount of stain into a bowl, then replace the cap and return the plastic bag to its cradle in the patented box.