Posterized Art Portrait on Wood Canvas Tutorial Adds Edge to Decor

Submitted by admin on Tue, 01/24/2017 - 06:21

DIY blogger Bethany of Reality DayDream gave woodworkers, interior designers and upcycling enthusiasts all the details today on an exciting new project to ramp up their recycled and new wood finds. Using a 2'x3' wood panel as her canvas, the blogger, home decorator and green builder used our PureColor child-safe stain, available in 24 vibrant hues, to mix the artist's palette she used to capture her model and sister, Anna.

PureColor's nano pigments allowed Bethany to easily create new colors to capture human characteristics, and the ultra-fine pigments penetrated the pores of her wood canvas, becoming part of the wood grain rather than drying on top of it as do traditional stains and paints.

Plus, the vapor-free product allowed Bethany to work safely around her children to complete the project without endangering their health. Try our PureColor samples for just $2.95 each, and that is enough to do a single project. Let us know what you think.